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Chinese aiming for 950GW of power

Spokesman for the
Chinese State Electricity
Regulatory Commission
Tan Rongyao
Beijing, China — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 19 January 2011 – The government of China is aiming for an installed power capacity of 950GW, by adding about 100GW of new capacity each year during its eleventh Five-Year Plan.

Revealing this in a statement here, State Electricity Regulatory Commission spokesman Tan Rongyao said this strategy would solve the long-existing power shortage besetting China’s social and economic development. In the next five years, the intention was to maintain a higher rate than GDP growth by adding new installed capacity of 495GW, according to Tan.

He went on to say that the power industry development would be characterised by rapid development, structural adjustment, energy conservation, emission reduction, and overall technological enhancement. The annual newly added capacity would reach 100GW, and green power generation would account for more than a quarter of the total amount.

Tan pointed out that half of China’s coal production was used for power generation, so energy conservation and emission reduction were essentially important. The use and promotion of GW-level ultra-super-critical generating units; the operation of Longtan Hydro-power Station “’ second largest following the Three Gorges Project; and the operation of UHV transmission lines signified that China’s power technology and equipment manufacturing was up to international standards, he added.

Tan believed that China should promote power system reform in the following five years, and establish a power market trading mechanism with reasonable electricity prices and significantly enhanced effect of optimised allocation of resources.