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China to build two new power plants in Senegal

19 April 2010 – China will build a 50 MW electricity generation plant and a 300 MW solar powered one in Senegal, a statement from the West African country’s Ministry of International Cooperation announced in mid-April 2010.

A delegation of Senegalese businessmen and officials led by Karim Wade, who is the son of President Abdoulaye Wade and serves as the country’s Minister of International Cooperation, this week met Chinese officials in Beijing.

No details were given of cost or construction timelines for the planned power stations.

Several other agreements were signed, including one to upgrade an international rail link between Senegal and Mali.

"(Senegalese) Minister of Energy Samuel Sarr and the chief of China Electrics signed an agreement aimed at building a 50 MW power plant," a statement from the Ministry of Cooperation said.

China is due to completing next year a 250 MW coal-fired plant in the northern region of Saint Louis.

Agreements signed also include one for 50,000 units of low-cost housing to be built on the outskirts of the capital Dakar.

Senegal is widely perceived as one of the most stable democracies in volatile West Africa but faces regular power cuts during the steamy rainy season when households and businesses run air conditioning. A frequent complaint among residents is that the government has not done enough to improve electricity provision.