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China listed top of renewable energy index

Wind turbines
in China
London, England — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 19 January 2011 – China has been listed No.1 in the ‘Nation’s Renewable Energy Attractiveness Index,’ published by one of the world’s top accounting firms, Ernst & Young.

The index, which covers 30 nations, emphasised that China had indisputably become the leader of renewable energy, and that a new world order had taken shape in the field of clean energy.

“This issue sees a new world order emerging in the clean energy sector – with China now the clear leader in the global renewables market, and also the inclusion of four significant new entrants: South Korea, Romania, Egypt and Mexico,” the index stated.

China’s record-breaking investment in wind power in the third quarter of 2010 accounted for nearly half of the world’s gross investment in new wind power programmes. This colossal investment ensured that one wind turbine out of every two manufactured in the world would be from China,” the Ernst & Young index revealed.

“China’s solar power was also becoming an essential component in the world’s solar energy market,” said Ernst & Young China partner Tang Jiaxin.