Bobby Godsell 
9 November 2009 – It was confirmed this morning that the Chairman of the Eskom board, Bobby Godsell, has resigned, a spokesman from ministry of public enterprises said.  Details around the resignation of Godsell are sketchy, and it is not sure when the resignation takes effect.

Jacob Maroga was, this morning, back in the office of the Chief Executive Officer of Eskom, in spite of an announcement last week that he had resigned with immediate effect.

"He’s resumed his duties as chief executive," said spokesman Andrew Etzinger.

According to Etzinger, the issue of Maroga’s resignation came as a result of the interpretation of a discussion between Maroga and the board of Eskom.

"Mr Maroga’s interpretation was that he hadn’t resigned, the board’s was that he had."

"Mr Maroga had offered to resign and the board had accepted that offer… it in was a context of a discussion and not a formal resignation."

"As far the board is concerned he is the CEO again. I’m sure the process is not completed, but what we can confirm today is that Mr Maroga is back in the office," said Etzinger.