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Canada is cheapest provider of electricity

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Johannesburg, South Africa — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 29 July 2011 – Canada has replaced South Africa as the cheapest provider of electricity among 16 countries surveyed in a global report.

The finding was made in its 2011 International Electricity Report and Price Survey, said NUS Consulting in a statement here.

Canada’s modest increase of 3.1% in the 12 months up to April 2011 resulted in a cost per kWh of 7.98 US cents, the lowest of the 16 world leading economies surveyed by NUS Consulting.

In contrast, South Africa’s whopping increase of 27.8% over the same period pushed the cost of electricity to 8.55 US cents per kWh. South African electricity is now 7% more expensive than Canadian energy after many years of being the cheapest.

Italy and Germany, with increases of 9.4% and 24.8% respectively, remained the most expensive countries surveyed, with costs per kWh of 19.70 US cents and 18.56 US cents respectively, while Spain, with a 16.4% increase, produced the third-most expensive power at 15.37 US cents per kWh.

NUS Consulting South Africa’s acting general manager Michelle Lamprecht pointed out that  the South African electricity market was regulated, with Eskom the primary supplier.

“Electricity prices rose by 27.8% this year, rivalling last year’s increase and driven largely by the fact that Eskom is burdened with the responsibility of financing extra capacity without substantial assistance from the government,” the report said.