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Cameroon and EU sign rural electrification accord

The government of Cameroon and the European Union have signed an accord to provide electricity in some rural areas of the country. The accord concerns two projects, one for the Rumpi area in the South West province and the other for Mount Mandara in the Far North province. The accord was signed by minister of the economy, planning and regional development, Louis-Paul Motaze and Javier Puyol, EU ambassador to Cameroon.

At the signing of the accord, Ambassador Pyol said "It is a concrete supplementary realisation in the fight against poverty in Cameroon which is the main objective of the millennium development goals".

The Rumpi project will take a minimum of 48 months to complete and will be executed by the Rural Electrification Agency. It will benefit about a hundred villages in the area. The Mount Mandara project will take only 36 months to complete and will benefit some 28 villages by linking them to the Lagdo power station. 50% of the project financing will be provided by the government of Cameroon through its investment budget.

The accord is part of a programme run by the EU to facilitate access to energy in African countries. More than 300 applications have been received, of which only 69 were retained, including two for Cameroon.