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Camco to expand its presence in Africa

Installing solar
power in Tanzania
London England — ESI-AFRICA.COM — 23 September 2011 – Clean energy developer Camco International Limited is aiming to expand its presence in Africa as demand for clean energy projects across the continent continues to grow, according to company president Yariv Cohen.

The UK-based firm develops clean energy projects under the U.N.’s Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), receiving offsets called certified emissions reductions (CER’s) in return.
This week, it won contracts worth US$1.8 million to develop two clean energy projects in Tanzania and Uganda over the next three years.

The first contract, awarded by the European Union, is to develop a US$1 million solar photovoltaic clusters project in Tanzania which will install small-scale solar systems in 15,000 homes in the Lake Victoria region.

Camco will provide technical assistance to the Belgian Development Agency under the second contract to develop clean energy projects worth US$800,000 in Uganda.

The firm has won similar contracts in Botswana and Uganda over the past couple of years.

“In African countries, the grid is not developed, so you either invest in diesel or go with small-scale renewables. Demand for those kinds of projects (wind, solar or hydro) has been growing,” Cohen told Reuters in an interview.

“We would like to do a lot more of those projects and we are gearing up for that,’ he added, declining to give a precise number.

In particular, the firm sees potential for expanding its solar cluster project into other parts of Tanzania.

In 2010, renewable energy investment in Africa increased by 384% from US$0.7 billion in 2009 to US$3.6 billion, as demand for access to energy increased, oil prices rose and international pressure for carbon-cutting initiatives increased.