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Cabinda may get electricity from Inga Dam

Mawete João Baptista,
Governor of Uige
16 April 2010 – The Governor of Angola’s far northern Cabinda province, Mawete João Baptista has said that within two years and pending the agreement of financing of 20 million US dollar, Cabinda province  may get electricity from the Inga dam, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

According to the governor, the Congolese side has already found the financiers and is expecting guarantees from Angola to start the construction of the transport line from the Inga dam to Cabinda, through the village of Muanda in DRC.

The governor considered the power supply in the province as "extermely serious" warning against the dependence on group generators which despite of being too expensive do not cope the demand of the regional development.

For governor Mawete, power supply is a crucial matter for the development of the province, which, according to him is facing "an extermely serious situation and we have no hope (of development) if we continue to rely on group generators".

He recalled that a Congolese delegation from the province of Bas Congo related to the Inga dossier was recently in Cabinda with the terms of the negotiations including the financing framework and the guidelines of the power transport line.