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Burundi looks to reduce non-technical electricity losses of 30%

27 March 2013 – The Burundi government has appealed for the participation of investors in the country’s energy sector where the need remains high and electricity demand is growing rapidly. Burundi has exploitable hydropower potential of 300 MW while the country’s current generation stands at 45 MW. In 2005 this figure was 30 MW. The country is participating in regional cooperative efforts to increase electricity production.

Among the challenges Burundi faces is the mobilisation of funds, reduction of non-technical losses in the national network currently estimated at 30% and the requirement to increase the access rate to electricity from 2% to 15% by 2015 in accordance with the Millennium Development Goals.

The European Investment Bank is financing 50% of a 50 MW hydroelectric power scheme on the Jiji and Murembwe rivers. The project will be executed in partnership with the World Bank and the Burundian government.