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British consortium to build power plant for Morocco

Part of Africa’s
biggest wind farm,
which is in Morocco
Rabat, Morocco — ESI-AFRICA.com — 05 November 2010 – A British-led consortium has been awarded a multi-million-dollar contract by the government of Morocco to build a 1 300 megawatt, coal-fired electricity plant in the North African country.

Reporting from here, Reuters quoted Morocco’s power utility, ONE, as revealing that it had awarded the 1 300 megawatt, coal-fired electricity plant deal to a consortium led by Britain’s International Power plc.

International Power “’ in partnership with Moroccan energy firm Nareva “’ had beaten a consortium linking French electricity group EDF and China’s Datang International Power to win the contract, and will be building the station at the Atlantic coastal Safi city, 370 km south of here.

”The plant is expected to go on stream by end of 2012, and to produce 10 billion kilowatts per year “’ that’s 27% of Morocco’s electricity consumption “’ when it reaches it full capacity in 2014,” ONE added.

The ONE spokesperson gave no financial details of the transaction, and a Nareva spokesperson was unable to give details immediately.

Morocco is the only North African country with no oil of its own. It also seeks to cut its dependency on imported oil and coal by expanding power generation capacity from renewable sources. Last year, it launched a solar energy project worth US$9 billion (R62.1 billion), which will account for 38% of the country’s installed power generation by 2020.

Morocco also has a plan involving the building of five wind farms to increase the country’s wind generation capacity to 2 000 MW by 2020, from the approximate 280 MW it currently produces from small wind farms.