A $3 million bio energy plant for the Rubavu district, in the western province, will break ground in January 2008 it has been announced.

Biomass Renewable Energy (BRER) – Rwanda will generate 1MW electricity – 600 kWs for brewery ‘Bralirwa’, while another 400 kWs will be sold to the government.  

A joint venture between two Rwandans, an American and Biomass Energy, a German company, BRER will target rural electrification by exploiting alternative sources of electricity generation said Michael Munyaneza, director of finance and corporate affairs.

"The agreement fits within our environmental protection mission of using renewable energy," Door Plantega, the managing director of Bralirwa, said.

Eng. Albert Butare, minister for energy and communicaton, continued: "Projects like this one clearly demonstrate that we can reduce energy crisis in the country with renewable energy."

He assured BRER that the government was ready to give necessary support to ensure the project’s success.

The plant will use brewery waste and is expected to be operational in the next twelve months.