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Benin invites clean energy proposals

The government of Benin has partnered with the US aid agency the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) and are calling for proposals to develop solar and renewable power projects in the West African country, technical news provider PV Tech reported.

The partnership is inviting grants of between $100,000 (ZAR1 million) to $5 million (ZAR59 million) for projects which include:

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  • residential generation and storage
  • pay-as-you-go solar PV kits
  • community-level mini-grids
  • systems that support public infrastructure (pumping stations and medical facilities)

The funds will cover an estimated 65% of the projects’ capital costs with the remainder being funded by the project sponsor.

Imports from neighbouring countries

Benin is imports electricity from Ghana and Nigeria. An agreement was signed with Togo and Ghana in 1967 under which Benin receives low-cost electricity from the Akosombo dam on the Volta River in Ghana. Benin also imports electricity from Nigeria through the CEB-NEPA power interconnection commissioned in 2007.

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