Source: ESI Africa

Speaking to ESI Africa at the recent Power-Gen Africa show in Johannesburg, Jorge Lascas, founder of the African Power Platform is of the opinion that the increased emergence of micro-grids and blockchain is helping Africa in its digital transition, which will contribute towards the viability and scope of this move.

However, he notes that the viability of advanced technology on the market for utilities to adopt and adapt to a more digitalised approach, still remains a challenge.

To achieve project bankability technology pilots need to prove successful and their long-term sustainability.

Sector unbundling

Honing in on the role of public and private partnerships, Lascas notes that the unbundling of the power sector is successful depending on the maturity of a specific market.

Some markets are fully unbundled while others are only starting to explore this option.

Lascas highlights that the private sector has a lot of appetite for generation, noting that its harder for them to penetrate into the transmission and distribution sectors; however, with the support of the financial sector this is slowly changing.

Watch the full interview below.