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Altaaqa Global: 21 day gas plant installation up for award

Installation of gas-fired plants in 21 days up for nomination. Pic credit: Institute for Energy Research

Dubai-based Altaaqa Global, temporary power solutions firm, and sister company Saudi-based Altaaqa Alternative Solutions (Altaaqa), electrical power provider, have been nominated for an international energy award.

The shortlisted projects include Altaaqa Global’s combined 50MW gas power plants in Cameroon, West Africa and Altaaqa’a 95MW temporary power plant project in Al Kharj, Saudi Arabia.

The temporary gas power plants were successfully installed and commissioned in Logbaba and Ndokoti (Bassa) within 21 days.

Award criteria

Both projects have been categorised under “Construction Project of the Year”, which acknowledges excellence in project execution and management.

Fahad Y. Zahid, Chairman of both companies, said: “I am proud of the achievements of both Altaaqa Global and Altaaqa Alternative Solutions in their consistent pursuit of excellence, through their respective professional teams.”

The power solutions firm said in a statement that the award will be based on how efficient the project was in recognising and implementing new opportunities as well as their problem-solution techniques pre and post construction.

They added that how the project was brought online with fiscal responsibility would also be taken into consideration.

Peter den Boogert, CEO of Altaaqa Global, said: “On behalf of Altaaqa Global’s management team, I would like to extend my congratulations to everyone who made the success of our Cameroon project possible.

“We share this recognition, our second nomination at the Awards, with the local engineers and agencies that helped our in-house teams maintain the highest level of service and complete the project in record-breaking time.”

Gas-fired power plant

Earlier this year at the gas plants’ inauguration, Altaaqa global said in a statement that “the successful completion of the temporary gas power plants stands as a testament to the viability of a business model featuring a synergy among the government, the utility company, the fuel supplier and the equipment provider.”

The power provider added: “In this particular project, with the Cameroonian government and Eneo as clients, Altaaqa Global provided the power generation equipment, and took the responsibility of importing and installing the generators at the Logbaba and Ndokoti (Bassa) sites, while GDC supplied the gas to the rental gas power stations at both the sites.”

Peter den Boogert, CEO of Altaaqa Global commented: “The success of this project proves that through the synergy among entities that put service and integrity above themselves, anything can be achieved. Here, we have witnessed that the sum of all of us is greater than each of us.”

The awards ceremony will be taking place in December at the 2015 Platts Global Energy Awards in New York.



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