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Alstom South Africa changes name to ACTOM

Mark Wilson in front
of new company logo
15 September 2009 – Leading local electrical engineering group Alstom South Africa has rebranded itself with a new name and corporate identity.

The changeover to the name ACTOM, accompanied by a new corporate identity and logo, is being implemented and presented to the group’s customers, staff, suppliers and other stakeholders and interested parties during the course of September. The group, which previously shared its name and logo with its major principal Alstom of France, has been officially registered as ACTOM (Pty) Ltd. Its previous full registered company name was Alstom Electrical Industries (Pty) Ltd.

In announcing the change, ACTOM’s group managing director Mark Wilson said: “Our message is that apart from the new name and identity, everything remains exactly the same as it has been since the group’s change of ownership a year ago.

“Our longstanding co-operative partnerships with Alstom and our other international technology partners continues on the same basis as before. In the case of ACTOM’s partnership with Alstom, the altered arrangements that took effect in August last year remain in place.”

The change of ownership deal, in which UK industrial group Actis and Old Mutual Private Equity became the group’s principal shareholders with stakes of 35% and 20% respectively, included an arrangement whereby Alstom, in addition to disposing of its minority stake in the local group, acquired direct ownership and control of the Power division.

Alstom, which previously had Alstom South Africa represent it in all the fields of business where it has products and services to offer in the local market, has set up a local company to run its power operations, which cover turbines and boilers for large power generation plants and the support services associated with these.

“ACTOM continues to act on behalf of Alstom in the local market with respect to environmental and retrofit projects for large power generation and industrial process plants and in rail transport, encompassing signalling systems and rolling stock,” Wilson commented.

“In addition to the Alstom-branded products and services it provides for these markets, ACTOM has independently developed a substantial range of products for several of these sectors, as it has done in most of the other sectors it serves in co-operation with its various technology partners. These fields include transmission & distribution and industrial electrical processes, among others.”

He emphasised that although Alstom has a direct local presence it didn’t previously have, the business activities of Alstom are clearly distinct from those in which ACTOM operates. “Our respective activities complement each other. Our partnership has been restructured by mutual agreement in such a way as to best meet the altered local market conditions and requirements, and we intend to work together in the future in the same co-operative spirit as in the past.”

The deal also included an undertaking by Alstom South Africa to adopt a new name and identity to clearly distinguish it from the local arm of the international company. “We were given three years in which to do so, but a decision was taken to make the change sooner rather than later to minimise confusion in the market place about the identities and scope of businesses of the two entities,” he explained.

In a statement concerning he name change, Alstom Country President for South Africa, Didier Farez, had this to say: “Alstom’s long and fruitful presence in South Africa continues uninterrupted, and Alstom and ACTOM will continue to work together where synergies exist, notably in the areas of rail transportation, boiler service and retrofit.”

“Given the evolution of the South African market towards major investment s in power generation and rail transportation, Alstom’s presence will continue to benefit the local market with the group’s technological expertise and capacity to execute major projects in theses fields. At the same time, ACTOM’s activities will complement ours as they provide services and equipment no longer part of our core business, but essential for this market,” he concluded.