On Monday, Sonatrach addressed the negative perceptions surrounding the impacts of shale gas exploration in Algeria at the 9th North Africa Oil and Gas Summit in Algiers, Algeria, allAfrica reported.

Presenting at the Summit, vice-president and head of upstream developments at Sonatrach, Mahieddine Touami addressed local concerns around the impacts of shale gas on the environment saying that they have been blown out of proportion.

Tounami assured that Sonatrach would not extract any gas without receiving approval from both regulation and environmental authorities.

He added that the extraction in Algeria would not require large amounts of water, using only a third of the amount of water available for the fracking process.

He continued in saying that recent data was released by Sonatrach from the hydraulic fracturing process indicating that the rock formation was penetrable with ‘relatively low’ potential’, allAfrica said.

Algeria is set to begin commercial ventures in 2022 where estimated shale gas reserves are around 20 million cubic meters.

The Mouydir, Ahnet, Berkine-Ghadames, Timimoun, Reggane and Tindouf basins have been identified as being the richest in shale gas.

(Pic Credits: the granite tower)