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‘Aim of boosting electricity access to 25 percent’ – Tanzanian energy minister

25 September – Reuters have reported that the energy ministry of Tanzania will boost the proportion of citizens with access to electricity to 25% by 2013.

Of a population of 40 million people, only 10 percent currently have access to electricity. Only one percent of Tanzanian’s living in rural areas have electricity and the government plans to focus efforts on rural areas.

"We had an aim of boosting electricity access to 25 percent by 2010, but because of some delays, it will be achieved by about 2012 or 2013," Nazir Karamagi, minister for energy and minerals, told a news conference in Dar es Salaam.

Last year, insufficient generation capacity resulted in severe power shortages and rationing when demand outstripped supply.

"Even if you put five trillion shillings, it will not be enough, because the country is literally not electrified. You are starting from scratch," he told reporters.

Tanzania generates about 561 megawatts (MW) from hydropower and another 183 MW from natural gas.

At the beginning of the year, Tanzania Electric Supply Company announced it planned to add 200MW by the end of 2008. Annual demand is expected to rise more than 1 100MW by 2010, and the company plans to add another 75 000 users to the grid by the end of 2007.