3 July 2008 – Aggreko’s application for a tariff increase will be presented at a public hearing on 9th July 2008. This will provide the public with an opportunity to express their opinions, says Frank Ssebowa, chief of Uganda’s Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA).

Frank Ssebowa, chief of Uganda’s
Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA)

Aggreko applied for the tariff increase, amendments to its generation licence and adjustments to other charges. The amendment to the generation licence comes after an extension of the plant from May to August 2008.

"The need to review the tariffs is a result of increased costs of operation and maintenance due to the price increase of oil globally."

Aggreko also applied for a review of other charges as negotiated with the Uganda Electricity Transmission Company (UETCL) in the extended power purchase agreement. The proposed amendment of a unit charge is $35.9 from $45.9 megawatt per hour, while monthly capacity payment is $982,763 from $837,673.

The company has applied for annual capacity payment to rise to $11,793,150 from $10,052,100, while the proposed amendment for daily contracted capacity per megawatt hour is $900 from $600.

The proposed amendment of the plant operation and maintenance remains at $9.5 per megawatt hour, while the fuel logistic component’s is $66.2 from $58.34 per megawatt hour.