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African investment opportunities abound


9 October 2008 – Bradmanton Consulting’s Lytton Drama says he is still ‘bullish that there is plenty of business to be had’ in Africa.

Referring to a number of projects in the electricity industry, Drama says there are a number of regional projects which could offer opportunities.  

These include:

  • The Kenya-Tanzania-Zambia power transmission system which is due to be implemented in two phases.  The 330kv transmission line is estimated to cost US$400 million.
  • The West Africa Gas Pipeline project:  This project was scheduled for commissioning in 2006, but there have been delays. The Commission of Ministers of Energy of Benin, Ghana, Nigeria and Togo have met in Cotonou to discuss the removal of obstacles blocking the pipeline’s progress.
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda joint venture for the exploitation of Lake Kivu methane reserves.