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China expresses interest in renewable energy investment

EIA commands renewables to be the leading source of energy in five years to come
UNECA says a partnership with China could strengthen the potential of renewable energy sources in Africa

In Southern Africa, Zimbabwe is this week hosting the fifth conference on Climate and Development in Africa, where discussions are centred on investments in renewable energy sources.

A UN representative told Xinhua at the three-day conference that China has expressed interest in partnering with Africa in the development of renewable energy sources as the continent makes strides in coping with the climate change.

Climate resilient energy infrastructure

Fatima Denton, director of special initiatives division in the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), said that Africa should tap into China’s vast technological advancement to develop climate resilient energy infrastructure.

Denton noted that China had already started to collaborate with various African countries in building climate-resilient energy infrastructure such as Ethiopia but observed that the collaboration needed to be enhanced.

“China is supporting many African countries in terms of building infrastructure that is climate resilient.

Denton added: “Given its experience in the industrialization process, China could also support Africa because we can’t industrialize if we don’t have energy corridors.

“Much of what China has experienced tells us that we can also get it right and so China in many ways is the one to follow because of the fact that as much as they continue to emit, they are also taking huge steps to reduce global emission.”

Renewable energy sources- reducing low carbon emissions

Denton also highlighted that Africa possesses plenty of potentially renewable energy sources including: hydro power, geothermal, biomass, solar and wind energy and these present huge investment opportunities for China.

Climate change experts attending the conference also observed that renewable energy has a potential to transform Africa’s power sector and guide energy generation to low carbon growth.

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