ACTOM High Voltage Equipment has developed its first branded insulator product, the 132 kV/550 BIL/31 mm/kV composite post insulator that contains a porcelain core for use on the disconnectors and other support functions

In a company press release, Jan Venter, the division’s supervisor for Insulators said, “This particular product is unusual among composite insulators as it consists of a porcelain core coated with silicon. The porcelain-based insulator has the rigidity that our disconnectors require.”

“The porcelain-based composite insulators have the advantages of being lighter than the traditional product, as well as performing more efficiently in polluted environments,” he said.

Venter said that other categories of high voltage equipment are well served by composite insulators with glass cores, however with the ACTOM disconnector design , glass cores’ are not suitable as “they increase the risk of deflection under load.”

Before the 132 kV/550 BIL/31 mm/kV composite post insulator , disconnectors were supplied and fitted with all-porcelain insulators.

NamPower awarded Actom a R20-million contract in September for the manufacturing and supply of 28 x 132 kV and 45 x 245 kV disconnectors. 288 of the new composite post insulators were used on the 132 kV units, according to the press release

The disconnectors are allocated for installation at NamPower’s Lithops and Khan transmission substations in the Namib Desert.

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