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Actom acquires Savcio

Mark Wilson,
CEO and chairman
of Actom
14 February 2012 – Manufacturer of electrical equipment in Southern Africa, Actom, has acquired Savcio, the well-known South African group devoted mainly to providing maintenance and repair services for rotating equipment and transformers throughout Africa.

The acquisition, following approval by the Competition Tribunal South Africa, boosts Actom’s annual order intake by 50% to over R7.5 billion and increases the number of its operating units to 40 from the previous total of 33. The group’s production, service and repair facilities now number 39 and it has 26 distribution outlets.

In addition, the total staff complement of Actom has increased from about 6,000 to about 7,500 as a result of the deal.

Mark Wilson, Actom’s CEO and chairman, says all former Savcio divisions will continue to operate in their existing form, under their present brand names LH Marthinusen, Marthinusen & Coutts, Reid & Mitchell, Transwire and Wilec and with their existing management and staff.

“Actom’s greatest strengths are in design, development and local manufacture of electro-mechanical equipment and turnkey solutions, whereas Savcio’s reputation rests mainly on its capabilities in the repair and maintenance services of much of this equipment.

“The acquisition of Savcio therefore represents a significant broadening of the group’s scope of activities. Actom now constitutes a local OEM with aftermarket repair and maintenance capabilities that facilitates total life cycle management and turnkey solutions. Several Savcio divisions also have a well-established presence in many African countries, which should reinforce Actom’s penetration into these markets,” Wilson concludes.