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50 new electricity projects for Southern Africa

At the annual SADC summit in Lusaka, Zambia, it was reported that while consumer demand for electricity within SADC is 42 000MW, only 41 000 MW have been set aside for distribution from a total capacity of 52 743 MW.

Fast economic growth has meant a supply deficiency within the regional trading block, with growth estimated at 7% this year, up 2% on last year’s growth figures.

Up to 50 new power generation projects, over a period of 20 years, have been identified as potential projects to combat this deficit.

”The new projects identified so far have the potential to increase SADC’s total electricity generation by more than 42,000 megawatts between 2007 and 2027,” it was reported at the summit.

The 14 member SADC region, which spans from the DRC to South Africa, has plans for approximately $61 billion worth of infrastructure projects; including power projects said Tomaz Salomao, the trading bloc’s executive secretary.

One of the priority projects is the construction of the Inga Hydropower scheme in the DRC.