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50 areas across Tanzania to capitalise on geothermal energy potential

With 650MW of potential geothermal capacity, untapped resource deposits have been identified in 50 different areas across Tanzania.

The Tanzanian government is considering the exploitation of its abundant geothermal resource as a last solution to ensure sustainable and affordable energy for their country, reported Daily News Tanzania.

Assistant Commissioner for Renewable Energy in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Mr Edward Ishengoma, addresgeothermal plantsed the audience at a two-day geothermal training, saying that the last attempts to slow down the devastating effects of climate change was to embrace renewable energy, reported local media.

The training formed part of the Fifth African Rift Valley Geothermal Conference which commenced yesterday in Arusha. The objective is to bring together 400 key decision makers in the renewable and geothermal industry to discuss strategies for future growth of the sector.

‘As government, we want to effectively utilise all potential sources of power available in the country, including geothermal’ said Mr Ishengoma.

With the potential to tap into 50 different locations across Tanzania, the official said that once they were in the position to do so, they would supply surplus energy to nearby regions in need.

When Tanzania’s water reserves were plenty, hydropower generated the bulk of their electricity but due to the damaging effects of climate change, there water resources have dried forcing them to resort to geothermal.

‘So, the discovery of gas in the southern region of Mtwara and now geothermal would boost Tanzania’s industrial base as well as reducing power tariffs by 20 per cent’, the official stated.Tanzanian wetlands

Arusha Regional Commissioner (RC), Mr Magesa Mulongo, spoke at the two day conference and said that Africa was represented by Tanzania, Burundi, Comoro, Djibouti, Eritrea, Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Zambia and Malawi.

‘Our efforts and plans should be based on resources that do not diminish and compromise with our environment, and in this context renewable energies such as geothermal are inevitable…This training is expected to enhance Tanzania’s capacity to develop geothermal renewable resources whose development is complex and expensive and need coherent knowledge.’

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