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Liberia: EU to finance renewable energy experts

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The EU has announced its ambitions of financing four international experts, which will boost the capacity of renewable energy and the department of electricity in Liberia.

In West Africa, head of the European Union’s delegation to Liberia, Tiina Intelmann confirmed that the organisation is set to finance four international energy experts. This committment will help improve the capacity of the Bureau of Electricity and Renewable Energy at the ministery of lands, mines and energy in Liberia.

While speaking at Monrovia, Intelmann congratulated the start of this technical assistance project, which is estimated to continue for a period of at least four years, reports local media the New Dawn.

Renewable energy experts’ tasks

Explaining how the project will be laid out, the EU representative said the first phase of the project will see one expert working as international director of the bureau of electricity and renewable energy.

That expert will be tasked with providing technical support to the assistant minister for energy, alongside a national deputy director. Likewise, a further three senior experts in electricity regulation will be joined by three locally-recruited experts to start the electricity regulatory function.

Two years into the development of the project, the Ambassador indicated, the regulatory function will develop into an independent agency in compliance with the electricity law of Liberia.

Egypt: renewable energy to receive $3 million

In other energy news, in North Africa, environmental minister Khaled Fahmy has stated that China promised to provide a grant of $3 million, which will be aimed at backing new and renewable energy equipment in Egypt.

This pledge is in line with an earlier signed collaboration deal between the two countries, a report stated by AllAfrica.

Included in the deal is the removal of agricultural waste, as the minister explained in a statement highlighting the advantage of China having the expertise and technology to deal with industrial pollution.

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