280MWs for Sasol

20 November 2008 – A 280MW gas power plant has been installed at Sasol’s coal to fuels facility at Secunda, South Africa by General Electric Co (GE). The first installation of its kind, the plant will provide power for Sasol’s synthetic fuel production, and any excess electricity will be sold to Eskom. The plant will initially run on natural gas, but can also use low BTU gas/flare gas.

GE Gas turbineSays Mark Digby, GE Energy African region executive, "The new Secunda plant will enable Sasol to increase its on-site power generation capacity while also reducing electricity demand on Eskom."

Sasol and GE have also signed an agreement by which GE will cover the maintenance of the two GE Frame 9E gas turbines for a period of 15 years. Included in this agreement is a 24 hour per day monitoring service.