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2010 and Energy security

"We are paying serious attention to the issue of power supply taking into account that the World Cup will be during the winter season," Joe Phahla, Director General of the Government 2010 Unit said last week.

"We will ensure that there are built in back up generators in all the stadiums as requirements from FIFA."

A task team, comprising Eskom, Hydro Carbon and the Department of Minerals and Energy among others, has been formed to ensure efficiency of supply, as well as all issues relating to security and quality of electricity supply.

Mr Phahla reported "The ministerial business plan outlining projected expenditure for all energy activities has also been completed," "Business benchmarks relating to the quality of electricity supply and the quality of service have been established in line with the regulatory framework."

Five new stadia are being built especially for the World Cup, and an additional five are undergoing extensive rehabilitation and upgrading in order to comply with FIFA regulations.

A total of approximately R17.4 billion ($2.5 billion) has been invested on transport and other infrastructure in preparation for the World Cup.