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10 PPM or less sulphur content diesel launched in South Africa

Sasol has launched Turbodiesel ULS 10 ppm in the South African market. This is the lowest sulphur content diesel available in South Africa and has advanced detergency and lubricity properties to keep the engine and fuel injection system clean and well protected. It is suited to compliment the modern day fuel to enable these engines to run efficiently, while producing less harmful exhaust emissions.

Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10 ppm is guaranteed to contain 10 ppm sulphur or less and allows latest technology vehicles fitted with exhaust after treatment devices to operate freely in South Africa and will require less regeneration effort (less fuel consumed) to keep such devices in an active state and extend its service life.

This development is a step forward in moving South Africa closer to cleaner fuel specifications in line with international standards. Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10 ppm already complies with the sulphur and cetane requirements

Mohamed Carrim, retail manager at Sasol Oil, says that the Turbodiesel ULS 10 ppm is suitable for all diesel vehicles, from the latest technology to older generation models, with and without turbocharging. “A key part is its advanced detergency. This prevents or removes deposit build-up in the engine and fuel system, allowing the engine to operate at optimum efficiency and sustain optimum fuel consumption over time. Continued use will maintain new fuel systems as well as clean up dirty fuel systems.”

Sasol Turbodiesel ULS 10 ppm is available at 78 forecourts in Gauteng and Mpumalanga. The product will be selectively rolled-out to the other areas in 2014 and 2015.