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Electricity distribution operators survived COVID-19 emergency

Electricity distribution operators successfully kept the lights on for the world during the lockdowns imposed in the initial stages of COVID-19 emergency. Now, the perspective...


fourth industrial revolution

Ed’s Note: Finding solace in the new world order of virtual life

The hubbub of manufacturing and commerce might be dulled but through increased inbound virtual traffic ‘noise’ you can still go about finding solace.

What’s all the rave about advanced metering infrastructure?

Advanced metering infrastructure is considered to be a key element of grid modernisation, taking the power and energy industry to new heights.
Lomile Modiselle

The path from artisan to certified engineer, a woman in energy story

We spoke with Lomile Modiselle to uncover her secret recipe for changing mind-sets and working her way up through the electricity supply industry ranks.

COVID-19 and climate change – AfDB

The Virtual African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa takes place online all week with world-class speakers.
Draft Regulations

Draft regulations: New electricity order on the cards for South Africa

South Africans have 30 days as of 5 May in which to respond to the draft amendments to the Electricity Regulations on New Generation Capacity.
energy transition

WEC: The knowns and unknowns of the global energy transition

Despite the increasingly clear benefits of clean energy systems, the pace of the global transition away from fossil fuel systems is still not clear.