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Weekly Eds Note: Encore! Encore!

Encore! Encore!

How do you show the world what illumination means in Africa? The AfDB and the African Artists for Development Fund took it upon themselves to provide a platform for 54 artists, for each country on the continent, to compose an artwork representing the challenges of access to electricity in Africa.

Using all forms of expression including photographs, paintings, sculptures, installations, videos and performances, the artists’ creativity shone through with pieces such as the “Sun for everyone”, an acrylic on canvas by Rwandan Epaphrodite Binamungu, and “My lantern”, a composition in wood, metal and acrylic by Togo’s Tété Camille Azankpo.

This traveling art exhibition will reveal the raw emotions behind energy challenges in Africa and will hopefully lead to a better understanding around which solutions will be best suited to sustainable energy for all.

Private sector addresses electrification

Lately, the private sector has taken on the challenge of developing solutions that are more easily adaptable to Africa’s unique conditions, such as Caterpillar’s new microgrid system. The solution comprises of remotely monitored solar PV panels, energy storage and diesel generator sets. This in itself is not unique, but the ‘plug ‘n play’ system does offer modular power capacity between 10Kw and 100MW. Listen to the audio interview to find out more.

With modular systems that can run with or without gen-sets and on- or off-grid coming to the market, it will be interesting to see how artworks composed five years from now differ from today’s pieces.