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Weekly Eds Note: Are you on board?

Yesterday, ESI Africa hosted a free to attend live webinar on the topic of ‘Africa’s nuclear journey – are you on board?’ where we fielded questions from the audience around South Africa’s new build programme and nuclear in general.

The panel of expert speakers included: 

  • Tom Blees: president of the Science Council for Global Initiatives (SCGI) and author of Prescription for the Planet – The Painless Remedy for Our Energy and  Environmental Crises
  • Anthonie Cilliers: nuclear engineering specialist and programme manager for Nuclear Engineering at the North-West University, South Africa
  • Knox Msebenzi : managing director of the Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (Niasa)
  • Gaopalelwe (GP) Santswere: senior scientist at the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) and the chairperson for the South African Young Nuclear Professional Society

Currently, there is only one nuclear power plant in Africa – Koeberg, situated in the Western Cape, South Africa, which generates 5% of the country’s electricity.

The webinar, hosted in collaboration with African Utility Week and endorsed by NIASA, proved very popular as countries across Africa, such as Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda, are considering nuclear power programmes. Listen to the On Demand webinar here.

Webinar audience members are on board

Next week ESI Africa is hosting the Media Lounge at the 16th annual African Utility Week conference and exhibition that attracts over 5,000 industry professionals from around Africa and globally. Visiting the exhibition is free to attend and the expo includes CDP accredited technical workshops and an innovation hub – we hope to see you there!

As a thank you gift from ESI Africa, the webinar audience received a complimentary one-day pass to attend the Nuclear Power Africa conference on Thursday 19 May. This nuclear conference is taking place as an authorised side-event at the African Utility Week held at the Cape Town International Convention Centre. To join them, you can still register for the conference, however it will be at full price.

Till next week