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Reach over 50 000 key decision makers in Africa’s power and energy sector

It’s time to be at the forefront of Africa’s power industry with ESI Africa. Don’t wait until it’s too late, advertise today through our November special package.

We are offering a special double package for you to expose your brand to Africa’s power and energy sector with our magazine and the annual prestigious publication, The African Power Elites: Projects and People.

Our two-part package includes:

  • One full page advertisement in ESI Africa 4-2015 with an additional company feature
  • One full page advertisement in The African Power Elites: Projects and People 2016

What is ESI Africa 4-2015 focussing on?

The next edition of ESI Africa will be focussing on some really exciting projects and updates across the following topics and I wanted to share this information with you as I believe there may be a direct benefit for you in being associated with this edition of Africa’s premier power journal.

  • Transmission projects – in particular, we examine Eskom’s Transmission plan for 2016 – 2025, and discuss what this means for SA, what the timelines and rollout plan is, and get insight from Leslie Naidoo, Transmission Grid Planning Manager, on the objectives and benefits Eskom envisage for this project.
  • Gas to Power – the feasibility of introducing liquid petroleum gas into the energy mix in Africa, including a focus on Southern Africa and the potential it holds for South Africa in particular.
  • Vending and Payment Solutions – technology advancements in smart prepayment solutions.
  • Public lighting – developing an effective off-grid lighting policy for rural and informal areas throughout Africa.
  • Generators and Standby Power – examining innovative solutions for uninterrupted power supply for manufacturers and industries that are the economic backbone and who require a secure source of power.

To find out more information on how you can reach the heart of Africa’s power and energy sector, contact Tarryn Bester today

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