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Following the announcement of the 10 shortlisted firms for its 100MW solar PV tender, GET FiT Zambia now invites them to provide project site information for the next phase of the tender, the Interim Rapid Grid Assessment (IRGA).

“GET FiT Zambia now invites any interested landholder in Zambia to submit site information for a pool of project sites that we will publish in a dedicated folder in the tender data room, which shortlisted applicants may access if they wish.

“Please note that we generally expect that shortlisted applicants will only make use of the sites published in the data room in case the IRGA result for an initial proposed site shows that the grid is not sufficient to connect the Project at that location.”


Please send your submission to solar@getfit-zambia.org.

For any submission, please provide the following information:

  • Nearest city, town, village to the site
  • Name and voltage level of nearest ZESCO substation (including distance)
  • GPS coordinates of the site
  • Contact name
  • Contact details (Email, Phone)

Shortlisted firms

Each of the shortlisted companies or consortia will submit proposals for up to two projects of up to 20MW each.

It is expected that at least 5 projects will be selected for implementation. At time of launch of the Request for Proposal (RfP), it is expected that the standardised project agreements developed under the GET FiT Zambia programme will also be released. Read more: GET FiT Zambia shortlists 10 candidates