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EAPIC 2016: Technical Workshops

Wednesday 21 September 2016

East Africa’s Clean Power Solutions

Managing the renewables challenge in secondary distribution
Tim Spearing, Product Marketing Manager, Lucy Electric, UK

Solar power for free
• Solar power is available to everyone – we just have to learn to take it!
• Don’t put money down the drain – solar power systems have a guaranteed life for 25 years
• The only way for the future – economical, long life, low maintenance, no emissions, fastest deployment
• The life cycle cost is less than 4c per unit

Hemanshu N. Desai, CEO, New India Electricals, India

Recent advances in solar resource assessment methodologies – with application to solar projects in East Africa
Riaan Meyer, GeoSun Africa

Delivering affordable hydroelectricity to rural Africa
Daniel Brose, President, Songa Energy, Burundi

Efficient power distribution in town planning and development
Pdf-Download-Button– Insights into road development, wayleaves and encroachment challenges
– How to avoid conflicts with other service lines
Mairura Omwenga, Chairman, Town & County Planners Association of Kenya (TCPAK), Kenya

Intelligent automation in small solar home systems
Snehar Shah, GM East Africa, Azuri

Thursday 22 September 2016

Latest Technologies and Developments in Transmission, Distribution & Generation in East Africa

Challenges and solutions to project and smart meter project roll out
– Utility change management, the business needs to change to adapt to smart solutions
– Smart focuses on the meter role out, but the back office systems and solutions are the critical parts
– Understanding a full smart solution, end to end what is required

Harold Hayes, CTO, Landis+Gyr, South Africa

The travelling Wave Fault Locator – a different method to find a line fault with accuracy between two towers
How to have a more reliable network and save time and money to locate a fault and reduce the “out of order” condition of transmission lines
Mariella Gastaldelli, Regional Area Manager, ISA, Italy
Challenges of rehabilitation and modernisation of Hydro Power Plants
Stipan Kaleb, Project Manager: Hydro Power, Africa, Koncar, Croatia

Lake Kivu’s Great Gas Gamble
• Capturing a resource not found at this scale in any other lake in the world – how methane and carbon dioxide represent both danger and economic potential
Pdf-Download-Button• How Kivu’s methane could be an economic game changer, supporting new industries and offering a chance to alleviate searing poverty
• Monitoring the impact of methane gas extraction on Lake Kivu, protecting the lake’s stability and environment and maximizing the socio economic benefit to the population
Augusta Umutoni, Program Manager, Lake Kivu Monitoring Program (LKMP), MININFRA, Rwanda


Kenyan Association of Manufacturers  (KAM) – WORKSHOP HUB

KAM Technical Assistance Program
Andrew Njoba, Team Leader, Clean Energy Promotion Program, Kenya Association of Manufacturers, Kenya

Solar Mini-Grid Solutions
Kamal Gupta, Head-Renewable Energy, Schneider Electric, Kenya

Waste to energy projects – opportunities for industry
Kenneth Kamau, CEO, Ol Karia BioPower, Kenya

Business case presentation of Energy & Water resource audits
Beatrice Kithinji, Energy Services Officer, KAM, Kenya
Anne Kariuki, Energy Services Officer, KAM, Kenya

14:00 -14:30
Small hydro developments – the KAM experiences
Andrew Njoba, Team Leader, Clean Energy Promotion Program, KAM, Kenya

Commercial solar PV – the opportunities for industrial captive use power systems
Sammy Waite, Technical Sales Manager, Chloride Exide, Kenya