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EAPIC 2015 Conference Program: Technical Workshops

Thursday 27 August 2015

Experiences from the field

Long term power system planning for fast growing African cities
Deon Vrey, Technical Director – Energy Unit, Aurecon

Hydro Power Potential in East Africa

  • Taking a look at what has been developed and installed, under construction, committed, ready for financing and under feasibility
  • The unexploited potential
  • The solution of pooling resources for the benefit of our people

Eng Julius Riungu, CEO, Tsavo Power & Director of The Institution of Engineers in Kenya, Kenya

14:00 – 14:30:
600 kW Grid-tie solar system in Strathmore University
Exploring the technical, financial and regulatory aspects of the venture, showcasing the data collected from 1 year operation and looking at the challenges and lessons learned.
Izael da Silva, Director, Strathmore Energy Research Centre (SERC)

15:00- 15:30:
Solar Successes – expanding the production of clean energy in Africa
Heino Louw, Technical Sales Manager, Yingli Green Energy Africa, South Africa

Successful development of the first Solar Field in East Africa
Chaim Motzen
, Co-Founder of Gigawatt Global, led the successful development of the Rwanda solar field, the first in East Africa and the largest in Africa outside of South Africa, in record time. $23.7m USD in funding was raised from a global consortium of solar companies, funding institutions and national governments including Scatec Solar as lead investor, EPC and O&M, Norfund & KLP Norfund as a joint investor and FMO and EAIF as debt financiers. Gigawatt Global developed the 8.5 MW project, which increased Rwanda’s generation capacity by approximately 6%.  Grants were secured from Power Africa via OPIC’s Africa Clean Energy Finance (ACEF) facility and from the Energy and Environment Partnership (EEP) Programme, funded by the Finnish, Austrian and British governments. The solar installation was interconnected only 12 months after the 25-year PPA was signed with the Rwandan utility.

Chaim Motzen, Co-Founder, Gigawatt Global, The Netherlands

Friday 28 August 2015

Nuclear in the power mix

Nuclear Power – An Option for Kenya’s Future Power Mix

  • Why nuclear power option for Kenya?
  • How nuclear fits in Kenya’s future power mix
  • Pdf-Download-ButtonKenya’s nuclear power programme approach and attainments so far

Winfred Ndubai, Assistant Director, Technical Affairs, Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board, Kenya

Assessing the latest renewables energy developments and the pivotal role of renewables in reaching power generation targets

Kenya’s Flower Power
Kenya’s economy largely relies on the agriculture sector, and is the lead exporter of rose cut flowers to the European Union (EU).  

Hear how Kenya’s flower sector is becoming a major player in climate change intervention measures:

  • Giant pilot scheme to convert farm waste into biogas, saving the country considerable hydro electricity units
  • Establishing the world’s largest geothermal heated greenhouse – the farm generates 95 per cent of its energy requirements
  • Solar energy plant which contributes to producing a cleaner, healthier flower, from a cleaner environment, achieving a premium rating in the markets
  • Untapped potential to produce and use clean energy – recommendations to pool the resources of flower farms to form a grand carbon credit scheme

Jane Ngige, CEO, Kenya Flower Council, Kenya

Industrial and Commercial Solar Power Solutions for Corporate Sector

  • Integration of Commercially Viable Solar Energy into Core Energy Requirements
  • Financing Commercial Solar Power Systems
  • De-mystifying Solar Power Systems for Operations and Maintenance

Ameet Shah, Co-Chairman & Director, Astonfield Renewables & Astonfield Solesa Solar, Kenya

Pdf-Download-Button14:00 -14:30:
Renewable energy at the local level: Lessons from South Africa’s embedded generation market

  • Latest activities in the South African embedded generation space
  • Tariffs and regulations governing embedded generation
  • Challenges to the embedded generation market growth

Pdf-Download-ButtonMaloba Tshehla, Renewable Energy Sector Manager, GreenCape Sector Development Agency, South Africa

The rapid deployment of self-consumption solutions

  • Focusing on how it can be implemented
  • Why choose the self-consumption option
  • What are the pitfalls and drawbacks?

Niël Lambrechts, Technical Sales, Solarworld Africa, South Africa