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EAPIC 2015 Conference Program: Day 2

Conference Day 2: Friday 28 August 2015

Driving the Regional Power Roadmap of Collaboration, Investment & Project Implementation

Investment Breakfast Briefing: Spotlight on South Sudan
Led by the Ministry of Electricity, Dams, Irrigation and Water Resources, South Sudan, discover the market dynamics, power sector structure and investment opportunities.

Pdf-Download-ButtonHE Jemma Nunu Kumba (MP), Minister, Ministry of Electricity, Dams, Irrigation and Water Resources, South Sudan

Welcome address by Clean Power East Africa Chairman

  • Wim Jonker Klunne, Programme Director, Energy and Environment Partnership Southern and East Africa, South Africa

Building Collaboration Between East African Nations via Transmission Interconnectors

  • Discover the projects achieving expansion, refurbishment and maintenance objectives in transmission
  • Exporting power: How is transmission enabling a regional power trade?
  • What is the solution to grid system losses?
  • Corporate financing models for self-sustaining infrastructure

Hindpal S. Jabbal, Former Chairman, Energy Regulatory Commission, Kenya

Pdf-Download-ButtonSpeakers to include:

  • Joel Killu, Former MD & CEO, Kenya Electricity Transmission (KETRACO), Pdf-Download-ButtonKenya
  • Christian Msyani, Ag. DMD – Transmission, TANESCO, Tanzania
  • Pdf-Download-ButtonRobert Nyamvumba, Energy Division Manager, Ministry of Infrastructure, Rwanda

The Big Debate: Is Renewable Energy the Solution to Universal Access to Affordable Energy?

  • World energy trilemma – Where do the developing countries stand on balancing energy security, universal access to affordable energy services, and environmentally-sensitive production and use of energy?
  • What appetite lies for investors in renewables?
  • Can harmonisation of targets for sustainable energy for all bring synergies of expertise?

Speakers to include:

  • Charles Muchunku, Chairman, Kenya Renewable Energy Association, Kenya
  • Robert Pavel Oimeke, Director Renewable Energy, Energy Regulatory Commission, Kenya
  • Sam Slaughter, Managing Director and Co-Founder, PowerGen Renewable Energy, Kenya
  • Michael Gera, Managing Partner, Energy Access Ventures, Kenya

A Fit for Purpose Distribution Network

  • What are the options for a localised distribution rather than feed off a national grid?
  • Innovation & developments to bridge the metering gap & revenue protection
  • What are the expectations of the manufacturers and large scale electricity users?

Robert Mubiru, Projects Manager, UMEME, Uganda

Pdf-Download-ButtonSpeakers to include:

  • Pdf-Download-ButtonMark Hankins, CEO, African Solar Designs, Kenya
  • Godfrey K. Werikhe, Deputy Executive Director, Rural Electrification Agency, Uganda
  • Chi Ton-Nu, Substation Integration Specialist, SUBNET Solutions, Canada

Developing a Sustainable Geothermal Programme

  • Geothermal exploration opportunities in East Africa
  • Innovative financing schemes & influence of the Geothermal Risk Mitigation Facility for East Africa Grant
  • Establishing a win-win relationship between private financiers & public stakeholders
  • What are the plans for East Africa to become a centre of excellence and knowledge sharing hub?
  • What technology is available to support geothermal advance?

Carl Kachale Chirwa, Head of Trade Finance, Sub-Saharan Africa, CITI, Kenya

Speakers to include:

  • HE Elham Mahmoud Ahmed Ibrahim, Commissioner for Infrastructure and Energy, African Union, Pdf-Download-ButtonEthiopia
  • Saida Omar Abdillahi, Engineer on renewable energy, specialized in energy systems & policies for geothermal, Ministry of Energy in charge of Natural Resources, Djibouti
  • Boniface Njombe, General Manager,
    Tanzania Geothermal Development Company, Tanzania

An African Gas Revolution? Integrated Approaches to Gas & Power

  • Update on the timescales for regional finds to come online & infrastructure requirements
  • Will low oil prices affect gas availability & gas pricing in East Africa?
  • Are the regional & domestic markets expected to pay a competitive price for locally produced gas?
  • What is the potential for gasification co-generation?

Rainbow Field, Director of International Legal Services, Coulson Harney, Kenya

Pdf-Download-ButtonSpeakers to include:

  • Aurelia van Eeden, Business Unit Leader, Energy & Environment, Frost & Sullivan, South Africa
  • Salum Inegeja, Principal Energy Engineer, Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Tanzania
  • Ashley Grohn, Technical Director : Power Generation, Aurecon, South Africa
  • Marijn Noordam, First Secretary Economic Policy/ Energy in Tanzania, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands
  • George Njenga, Distributed Power Regional Leader, Sub Sahara Africa, GE, Kenya

How are IPPs Contributing to East Africa’s Power Gap?

  • Showcasing the latest IPP projects their plans & timelines
  • Financing for future IPP developments, can it be structured differently?
  • How are IPPs bringing competition to the power industry and how can this be beneficial?
  • Development of small localised mini grids
  • Innovation of storage technology & captive power

Phyllis Ombonyo, Director Business Development, National Environment Trust Fund (NETFUND), Kenya

Speakers to include:

  • Jenny Fletcher, CEO, Ariya Capital, Kenya
  • Ivan Twagirashema, Chairman, Rwanda Energy Private Developers, Rwanda
  • Sebastian Kastuli, Commercial Manager, Songas, Tanzania
  • Mark Dimmer, International Finance Corporation (IFC), Kenya
  • Esther Ruto, Manager, Construction, Rural Electrification Agency, Kenya
  • Kevin Kariuki, Head of Infrastructure, Industrial Promotion Services, Kenya

How is the Price of Generation Sources Influencing the Attractiveness of Power Plants Powered by Imported Coal & Nuclear?

  • Understanding the economics of the regional energy mix and where coal and nuclear sources fit
  • What is the optimal long term capacity expansion planning for coal generation plants?
  • Is there high enough demand to support plans for nuclear energy?

Peter Kinuthia, Senior Energy Officer, East African Community, Tanzania

Speakers to include:

  • David Otwoma, Chief Science Secretary, National Commission for Science Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Kenya
  • Eng Nduma Joseph Ruwah, Electrical Engineer, Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board, Kenya
  • Simon Ngure, Regulatory & Corporate Affairs Director, Kenya Electricity Generating Company, Kenya

Making Changes: Can this be the Year of the Wind Farm & Solar Power?

  • What is needed to make wind farms & solar power attractive to investors & bankable?
  • What is the experience from investors across the region with small projects with feed in tariffs?
  • Investments in the capture & storage of solar power, how will this enhance the attractiveness of solar as a source of power both for Africa & the rest of the world?

Njau Mukuha, Partner, Coulson Harney, Kenya

Pdf-Download-ButtonSpeakers to include:

  • Jarrad Wright, Acting Regional Manager and Senior Consultant, Energy Exemplar, South Africa
  • Eng Mwakina, Ministry for Energy and Petroleum, Kenya
  • Izael Pereira Da Silva, Director Strathmore Energy Research Centre, Strathmore University, Kenya
  • Louis Shaffer, Distributed Energy Segment Manager, Europe, Middle East and Africa Region, Eaton, Switzerland