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Africa Utilities Technology Council Workshops

Thursday 19 May 2016

Session 1:
Commercialisation of Utility Communications Assets

Many utilities across Africa own or are investing in optical fiber networks. It is a known fact that utilities only need so much bandwidth and in many cases there is excess capacity that can be leveraged into commercial markets to generate additional revenues. But what are the challenges and different business models that can be implemented. This session will outline how the issues of energy & telecoms regulatory environment, international utility connectivity, telecommunications partnerships and other issues such Pdf-Download-Buttonas pricing and maintenance can be overcome.

Moderator: Peter Moray, Director: Global Development, Utilities Telecom Council, US

• Tracey Sheehan: Partner, Dentons, UK
• Alan Driver, Director, AED Consulting, South Africa

Session 2:
Cyber Security in utilities

Cyber Security has become one of the highest priorities for utilities across the world. At the very cutting edge of this debate is the telecommunications and information technology practitioners who are tasked with ensuring utilities are not compromised as a result of unwanted access to networks. Such access can have devastating consequences, not only for the utility but for countries and continents. The Africa Utilities Technology Council is at the heart of this debate and through UTC has access to global expertise to help utility sectors try and make sense of this complex and challenging issue. What standards are being adopted, how are they being practically managed? Who are the go-to Pdf-Download-Buttonexperts?

Moderator: Corrie Vermeulen, Director, Africa Utilities Technology Council (AUTC), South Africa

• Nadya Bartol, Vice President: Industry Affairs and Cyber Security Strategist: UTC, US
• Michelle Govender, Engineer: Operational Technology Cyber Security, Eskom, South Africa

Session 3:
Packet networks for utilities

The traditional digital telecoms systems are being replaced by IP/Packet solutions. This session will provide insights into technology decisions when utility operational networks are refreshed / replaced. Which IP/packet model is chosen, what are the key factors to be considered when IP Networks are rolled out in utilities? Implementation of IP services provides for the integration of different utility services e.g., electricity & water telecom networks but also brings benefits in allowing the integration of IT & OT networks and services. How can potential convergence between utilities be planned and executed, what the key issues are when considering convergence between IT and OT in a critical infrastructure company. This session will examine how some utilities are using advanced technology solutions to meet their business goals. The session will identify closely with the cyber security risk of moving to IP/packet solutions.

Moderator: Nadya Bartol, Vice President: Industry Affairs and Cyber Security Strategist: UTC, US

• Nesendran Kisten , Senior Product Manager, Huawei Technologies Africa, South Africa
• Simon Maphosa, Secondary Plant Manager, City Power, South Africa
• Zweli Mbebe, Chief Engineer for IP/MPLS, Eskom, South Africa