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renewable energy

Socio-economic conditions and renewable energy uptake in Zimbabwe

Many countries in Africa view renewable energy as a game changer when it comes to access to electricity. This is especially true for Zimbabwe and its rural development. Ellen Fungisai Chipango explores how socio-economic conditions shape renewable energy uptake in Zimbabwe.
Zimbabwe power deals

Zimbabwe exploring new power supply deals with neighbouring countries

Zimbabwe has been plagued with recent electricity troubles and in a bid to increase supply the country is in negotiations with Zambia and Mozambique. If agreed upon, the country will import an additional 280MW from the two countries.  
Power Supply Deal

South Africa to discuss new power supply deal with Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean Energy and Power Development Minister, will soon lead a delegation to South Africa to finalise a new power supply deal.
Clean energy investment

Eskom and ZESA, neighbours on speaking terms again

Eskom has confirmed that ZESA has made payment, which is reflecting in its account; however, there is still an outstanding debt in play.
Fortune Chasi

Fortune Chasi takes decisive action to ward off complete power collapse

Zimbabwe's minister of energy, Advocate Fortune Chasi, explains his decision to dissolve the Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (Zesa) board.
carbon tax Bill

Zimbabwe: ZESA officials face criminal charges

Former energy and power development minister, along with two ZESA officials on Tuesday appeared in court – facing charges of criminal abuse of office.
electricity tariffs

Zimbabwe to adopt energy mix-based tariff structure

Zimbabwe's energy minister says government is planning to adopt an energy mix-based tariff structure as opposed to the prevailing commodity-based tariff for mining companies to ensure production efficiency.
power transformers

ZESA requires $20m to replace assets exposed to vandalism

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) is in need of $20 million to replace over 4,000 transformers that have been either vandalised or stolen across the country. Speaking at an energy conference held concurrently with...

Zimbabwe: Parliament calls for cancellation of Gwanda solar project

A parliamentary committee is calling for the $202 million Gwanda Solar Project tender to be withdrawn. In addition, they said former ministers must be prosecuted if they flouted tender procedures in awarding the contract. The...

Zimbabwean power utility installs new transformers to boost supply

The Zimbabwe Electricity Supply Authority (ZESA) has acquired transformers worth $6,5 million to be installed at Chertsey and Marvel substations. The Herald reported that the assets were secured under the ZimFund, a facility that pools...