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Solar fridge could change vaccination rollout

A lack of available, reliable refrigeration for vaccinations and childhood immunization may be a thing of the past with a new type of solar fridge.
water and sanitation Africa

African Sanitation Policy Guidelines to streamline sanitation policies

The African Ministers’ Council on Water (AMCOW) has launched the African Sanitation Policy Guidelines (ASPG). The guidelines are to provide the steps towards developing a new policy or updating current sanitation policies and also provide an outline for what should be included in a comprehensive sanitation policy.
tracking sdg 7

A report on tracking SDG 7 identifies Africa as a priority...

Universal access to sustainable energy will remain elusive if the supply of affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy is not expedited to meet the demand. This is especially true for countries in sub-Saharan Africa.
coal mining

Ed’s note: Building a fairer, healthier world for everyone through coal?

What are your choices to deliver on a fairer and healthier world when your economy is powered by the coal mining industry and coal-fired power plants?

Cities have one chance to leverage pandemic for sustainability

March 2021 marks one year since the WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic. Cities are now on the front line of this crisis, with dwindling economic activity, high infection rates, and inadequate resources.

UL offers hand sanitizer safety data sheets at no charge

UL is offering free safety data sheets required for the production and shipment of hand sanitizer in efforts to curb COVID19.
AfDB aid Mauritania to advance climate risk management solutions

Climate targets can save millions of lives, finds WHO

A new report by the World Health Organisation (WHO) has found that by meeting the targets set at the Paris Agreement, millions of lives will be saved.

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