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Women entrepreneurs lighting up Nigeria through solar

A nonprofit, teaching women how to sell and use solar-powered lights and other equipment, building their entrepreneurial skills, received grant funding to use data to propel their impact.

Women in Energy: An interview with Ndiarka Mbodji

During this Women in Energy podcast, we speak to Ndiarka Mbodji, Founder and CEO of Kowry Energy about the contribution of women in energy.
Africa energy and power sector

Just Recovery Renewable Energy Plan for Africa launched

Friends of the Earth Africa launched ‘A Just Recovery Renewable Energy Plan for Africa’ report, which demands a complete shift from current ‘dirty’ energy systems to achieve 100% renewable energy in Africa.
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Women in welding: Disrupting the profession’s status quo in SA

Although traditionally a male-dominated profession, welding is increasingly becoming the domain of women, who are widely acknowledged for their skilled abilities in this field.

NOMZAMO LANDIGWE bolstering primary healthcare through renewables

Exclusive interview: The Chief Community Operations Officer at Energy Infrastructure Management Services (EIMS), Nomzamo Landigwe, believes that the renewable energy sector has a significant role to play in supporting primary healthcare.
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Eskom to correct income differentials to drive gender equality

Eskom, under the banner of its Eskom Women Advancement Programme (EWAP), re-emphasised its commitment to achieving gender equality and to closing the gender-based income differentials in the workplace.
Sivan Ya'ari

SIVAN YA’ARI: Leading an NPO to complete 2,000 projects in five years

Innovate: Africa, under the leadership of CEO Sivan Ya’ari, has completed over 500 solar and water projects across 10 countries in Africa and is on a journey to complete more in partnership with communities and governments.
Nozi Mbovane

NOZI MBOVANE: A junior engineer’s industry perspective

Working across eight renewable energy projects as a junior power engineer at Globeleq South Africa, Nozi Mobovane's role includes mastering engineering skills for both solar and wind technology.
AMDA Jessica Stephens

JESSICA STEPHENS: Electrifying Africa with AMDA

Being appointed CEO of the Africa Mini-grids Association earlier this year felt very much like a natural transition for Jessica Stephens in her quest to bring make electricity available to all.
Lenah Mabusela. Power Engineer. Globeleq South Africa

LENAH MABUSELA shares her views on renewables in South Africa

Lenah Mabusela, one of Globeleq South Africa’s power engineers, talks about the importance of the country celebrating Youth Day as well as diversity in the renewable energy sector.