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Tanzania Jaza energy hub

Tanzania: supercharging last mile access through battery rental

With a 32% energy access rate, the government of Tanzania has made expanding access to energy a national priority.
15 women from 11 countries join GWEC’s leadership programme

15 women from 11 countries join GWEC’s leadership programme

GWEC and GWNET have selected 15 participants from 11 countries to take part in the Women in Wind Global Leadership Programme.
gender diversity

Gender diversity in the renewables sector still needs work

The South African renewable energy industry is actively giving attention to adjust and improve the levels of gender representation, at all levels, with the launch of its Gender Diversity Working Group.
Kangnas Wind Farm kicks off operations

Wind: Best practices for gender diversity in talent recruitment

Studies from the International Renewable Energy Association (IRENA) show that wind energy capacity must quadruple over the next decade to keep global warming at least 2°C below pre-industrial levels and steer us towards a 1.5°C development pathway. This urgent mission will require enormous collective effort, commitment and talent.

PayGo tech company launches award for inspirational women in Kenya

Nominations for the Brighter Lives awards included recommendations from agents inspired to join Azuri from seeing female role models in their jobs.
RES4Africa partners with SAPVIA to bolster Africa’s green transition

Accelerator for women-led green energy businesses in Malawi and Nigeria

The Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum has launched an Accelerator Programme targeting green women-led or owned businesses.

Female African scientists improve research and inspire the next generation

Timed to coincide with the UN International Day of Women and Girls in Science today (11 February) and to inspire more female students to study and work in science, the GCRF START grant has announced the results of its three-year project launched in March 2019.
Ifeoma Malo

Ifeoma Malo has just one goal: Ending energy poverty

The success of our industry depends on active engagement and flow of information between stakeholders and decision-makers, says Ifeoma Malo.
Gender equality

Research into gender and energy makes for better decision-making

The African Development Bank, Climate Investment Funds and ENERGIA International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy have jointly launched country briefs offering new insight into gender and energy in Africa.
women in energy mentorship

Mentorship key for career -Women in Energy

Mentoring plays an important role for women in the energy sector who wish to advance their careers.

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