Hybrid power

Webinar 30 April: Hybrid power in the mining sector

Join ESI Africa and Mining Review Africa for a Webinar, looking at how hybrid energy solutions can be incorporated into African mining operations.

Webinars: 4 reasons why it makes the perfect digital meeting place

Limited by travel restrictions? What about a virtual way to access your market and target audience? Webinars are the perfect digital meeting place.
travel ban

Travel ban alert! Four ways to meet your clients online

Amid a travel ban, cancel your flights but not your marketing plans. ESI Africa has various digital solutions to help with your business continuity plans.

UL webinar: Battery standards overview

Join UL experts for a live webcast on 24 March at 3:00 PM CET to gain insight into the relevant standards applicable to batteries.

Topic of interest: Women in the energy sector driver’s seat

WATCH the short Morning Coffee with ESI Africa video clip above as our editor looks at the representation of women leadership in the energy sector.

Webinar recording: Engineering robust smart cities in Africa

Download this webinar to learn about how African cities and electric companies can work together to develop smart cities of the future.

Webinar recording: Cybersecurity for utilities: 2020 and beyond

Join Smart Energy International in partnership with ESI Africa on 26 February for the live webinar as they answer cybersecurity related questions.

Webinar recording: Plugging the problem: Addressing some misconceptions on EVs

Download the recording of this webinar and you will gain insights on the technical aspects of how EVs operate.

Webinar recording: Heightened interest in LNG stimulates Africa’s gas economy

Register to join in on the conversation with industry exeprts, as they will talk about the diverse African LNG sector, which presents an exciting environment for doing business in Africa.

Webinar recording: What is South Africa’s position in the electric vehicle...

Download this recording to gain more insights into South Africa’s current electric vehicle status and what the future holds for this market.

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