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AfDB approves new strategy to build towards a water-secure Africa

The African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a five-year strategy that aims to increase water security and foster sustainable, green and inclusive growth and development in Africa.

Water shocks starting to have greater effect on human migration

The world faces a rising number of day-zero events when the taps will run dry and rainfall variability will be contributing force in global migration, according to a World Bank report.

Mauritius embarks on plans to improve water supply network

The Minister of Energy and Public Utilities in Mauritius, George Pierre Lesjongard, announced plans for the ministry to devise strategies and policies for a more judicious use of water resources and to improve the water supply network in the country.
waste water treatment works

Waste water works infrastructure upgrades makes real difference

More than 14,245 community members of Prieska in the Siyathemba Municipality in the Northern Cape are now proud beneficiaries of a new R34.2million waste water treatment works.
groundwater recharge

Mapping Africa’s groundwater recharge for the first time

The rate at which groundwater is replenished is often unknown making regional water security difficult to assess. A new study sets out to address this and help policymakers.
Water supply

Proposed solutions to curb South Africa’s water crisis

South Africa’s water sector is in a dire state, but the solutions to the country's water crisis are readily available, states experts.

Young water warriors from South Africa head to Sweden

Two learners, Kiara Chetty and Calden Gounden, will represent South Africa in Stockholm at the Annual Stockholm Junior Youth Water Prize (SJWP) in August.