filtration ponds wastewater treatment facility

Sanitation and Wastewater Atlas pinpoints opportunities for change

A new sanitation and wastewater management benchmark tool highlights opportunities to boost health and economic growth in Africa.
Regenerative tourism

Regenerative tourism project targets 100% renewables status

An ambitious regenerative tourism project has awarded a contract to a consortium to design, build, operate and transfer The Red Sea Project’s utilities infrastructure.

WISA calls for green, blue and no drop certification reinstatement

The Water Institute of Southern Africa believes the drop programme directly led to many municipalities investing in their water and sanitation staff and infrastructure.

Speculation: Impact on WASH as flow of funding diverted

A live webinar focusing on WASH as a first line of defence against COVID-19 and unpacking the African water sector response, formed part of the first-ever Virtual African Utility Week and POWERGEN Africa in May this year.

Cleaning wastewater to address Ethiopia’s water problems

Ethiopian authorities have approved the creation of a decentralised wastewater treatment plant in capital city Addis Ababa
smart water solutions

Here is how South Africa is ensuring its water security

Water security appears regularly in the top five global economic risks, according to the World Economic Forum. Here's how South Africa is ensuring its water security.

IAEA reviews Japan’s water storage proposal for nuclear plant

IAEA welcomes Japan's plan on how to dispose of large amounts of treated water stored at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station.

Morning coffee with ESI Africa – The value of wastewater

Smarter wastewater management, including reuse and resource recovery, is needed as this resource holds valuable potable water, nutrients, and energy.
Tanzania: AfDB aided project improves access to water and sanitation

Namibia aims for 100% water access by 2030, acquires AfDB support

Namibia has set out plans for the production and transfer of water resources to improve access to potable water and for agricultural and industrial use.
Water technology

Water technology: No one-size-fits-all solution

Exclusive interview with Dr Jo Burgess, Senior Technology Specialist - Isle Utilities, discussing Water technologies required to advance the water sector.

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