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New project supports circular economy, empowers informal waste reclaimers

Nestlé has launched the RE-Imagine Tomorrow project which uses a circular economy model to empower informal waste reclaimers.

$5Bn injection for smart village and learning project in Ghana

TPT Global Tech has signed a strategic technology partnership agreement with Skybridge West Africa. The $5 billion green housing and educational learning project in Ghana, West Africa
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Eni to develop sustainable biofuel value chain in Kenya

To facilitate decarbonisation of processes, Kenya is looking to circular economy initiatives including the recovery, regeneration and reuse of agricultural and food waste in the biofuel industry.
waste management

Waste management approaches to mitigate burgeoning population risks

As the global population continues to increase with the global population expected to significantly exceed nine billion people by 2050. Waste generation is threatening biodiversity and the planet as a whole. Interwaste believes this demands a new approach to waste management.

Networking to increase uptake of biogas technologies

The core aim of the Digital global Biogas Cooperation (DiBiCoo) is to prepare markets in emerging countries for the uptake of sustainable biogas technologies and projects
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Utilising business waste stream to address energy needs

South Africa’s waste economy has the potential to contribute R11.5 billion annually to the country’s GDP, according to the Department of Environmental Affairs, Forestry and Fisheries.
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Workshop recording: Digital Global Biogas Cooperation Workshop

As a South African project partner for the Digital Global Biogas Cooperation (DiBiCoo) project, Greencape will host a workshop on the current market and legislative framework of the biogas sector in South Africa on Tuesday 29 June.
water resources

Water sector needs action and regulation to overcome looming crisis

Urgent action needs to be taken across the water, wastewater and waste management sectors in South Africa if the looming water crisis is to be diverted, say industry experts.

Senegal: EIB funding to improve water supply and waste management

The European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide $138,39 million (€114.5 million) in financial support to improve the drinking water supply and promote integrate solid waste management in Senegal.

Surprising results from waste management innovation

Innovative ways for municipalities to meet their sanitation and waste management obligations even where power or water are in short supply.