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Plastic-to-hydrogen plants ready to take over the world with new IPO

Plastic-to-hydrogen plants ready to take over the world with new IPO

A company with the ambition to build the first waste plastic to hydrogen system in Europe and ultimately worldwide has listed on the AQSE Growth Market (ASQE).
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Finding creative solutions to the plastic management problem

The Afri-Plastics Challenge aims to reduce marine plastics in sub-Saharan Africa finding solutions to combat the plastic management problem.
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It is time to start recycling packaging to minimise waste

Significant volumes of waste are still being diverted to landfill sites, which reflects a continued and dangerous "take-make-dispose" relationship with consumer products.
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Have your say: City’s water services & waste management plans

City of Cape Town is asking for pubic comment on its draft Water Services and Waste Management Sector Plans. Deadline for submissions: 26 November 2021

Biogas technologies to advance municipality sustainability

Advancing Biogas in the Municipal Strategic Roadmap: Pathways to 2030 session looks at the opportunities municipalities have to explore technologies such as anaerobic digestion to manage waste and energy generation.
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Innovations in plastic management inching Africa closer to SDGs

There is a significant risk associated with the current waste management systems and practices. However, there are lucrative economic and social opportunities that can help solve these issues.

Session 28 Oct: Advancing biogas in the municipal strategic roadmap: pathways to 2030

With specific reference to waste management, local municipalities are in an opportune space to explore technologies such as anaerobic digestion as a sustainable approach to waste management and energy generation.
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New project supports circular economy, empowers informal waste reclaimers

Nestlé has launched the RE-Imagine Tomorrow project which uses a circular economy model to empower informal waste reclaimers.

$5Bn injection for smart village and learning project in Ghana

TPT Global Tech has signed a strategic technology partnership agreement with Skybridge West Africa. The $5 billion green housing and educational learning project in Ghana, West Africa
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Eni to develop sustainable biofuel value chain in Kenya

To facilitate decarbonisation of processes, Kenya is looking to circular economy initiatives including the recovery, regeneration and reuse of agricultural and food waste in the biofuel industry.