Waste management


Op-Ed: What should we do when recycling is not recycled?

South Africa's plastic recycling is now at 43% and has overtaken Europe in these statistics but some municipalities remain apathetic to separate waste.
circular economy

Why Africa needs a Circular Economy framework

Europe officially adopted the Circular Economy Package imposing ambitious recycling and waste recovery targets on its member countries, but what of Africa?

Diarise: Global Recycling Day coming soon

In 2018, Global Recycling Day saw over 13 million people take part in recycling awareness – this year’s event will take place on 18 March 2019.
circular economy

Energising the hidden value of waste

There is a global increased interest in waste-to-power, which should bring a spike in both direct and indirect business opportunities.

Sierra Leone: JV wins $25m for clean energy project

The Masada Waste Transformers has taken first place for the West African Forum for Climate & Clean Energy Financing award worth $25 million. The business...

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