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Eskom state of the system reliability maintenance

Eskom, state of the system details power maintenance programme

“We are aware that the increased maintenance does elevate the probability of loadshedding in the short term, but this is necessary to improve the future performance of the generation fleet,” said Eskom's Group Chief Operating Officer, Jan Oberholzer.

Analysis: Smart grid facilitates grid flexibility and resilience

Change in electricity consumption patterns during lockdown has put grid resilience to the test but grid flexibility is currently coping with demand shifts.
renewable energy

Eskom keen to renegotiate PPA contracts with IPPs

South Africa's power utility is taking action on seeking to renegotiate contracts from independent power producers in a bid to reduce customer tariffs.
Wind technology

At great heights: Optimising wind turbines

Understanding the scope of wind turbine blade damage is the first step to preventing it. In order to get the maximum operational and financial benefit from larger turbines, and those in new markets, it...

WATCH: ESI Insights | Utility Maintenance

In the latest episode of ESI Insights, the ongoing topic of utility maintenance is highlighted. The ESI team spoke with industry experts to find out where African utilities are in terms of their maintenance...
power supply

Utility maintenance, imperative to sustain a secure network

Speaking to ESI Africa, ABB's Goran Arvidsson and Mats Ryberg highlight the importance of maintenance in the power sector to ensure network availability, as well as safety and security. Arvidsson explains that the lack of funds...