Umeme earmarks $15.2m for two power projects in Mbale district

Umeme is investing $15.2 million into two major power projects in the Mbale district to improve power supply quality and reliability in the region.
GE and NDPHC restores 360MW in Nigeria amid COVID-19 challenges

Umeme raising the stakes, unveils $83.3m energy policy delivery plan

Meeting the Electricity Connections Policy 2018-2027 head-on, Umeme outlines the six areas it will invest its capital expenditure plan for 2020.
African Utility Week

Launch of Utilities 2.0 at African Utility Week

A coalition of energy sector leaders including Power for All, Umeme and The Rockefeller Foundation today launched Utilities 2.0 at African Utility Week.

African Power & Energy Elites Personality: David Birungi

The 2019 African Power & Energy Elites features David Birungi as one of the personalities. Birungi is the Manager Stakeholder Relations at Umeme LTD.

Getting to the crux of customer engagement

To understand the common challenges faced by utilities across Africa when it comes to customer engagement, ESI Africa delved into the topic with Umeme’s...

Harnessing the power of each kilowatt hour

The kilowatt hour (kWh) is a unit of trade for energy distribution utilities, which holds a hidden resource. Let’s examine why utilities should focus...
prepaid electricity meter

Uganda: Regulators conduct verification exercise on prepaid power meters

On Monday, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) in partnership with power distributor Umeme and regulator the Electricity Regulatory Authority, embarked on a...
South Sudan

Umeme’s power distribution contract hangs in the balance

President Yoweri Museveni has directed energy minister, Irene Muloni, to explain why Umeme's power distribution energy losses are high despite increased investment in the...

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