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UL helps create a better world by applying science to solve safety, security and sustainability challenges. We empower trust by enabling the...

Webinar: The story of microgrids and a historical perspective

Expand your knowledge of microgrid technology and the microgrid industry with insights from HOMER Energy founder, Dr Peter Lilienthal.

Interview: Renewable microgrids for the C&I market in Africa

HOMER Microgrid News in conversation with Arnaud Henin, MD of Gommyr Power Networks, about high-penetration renewable-powered microgrids for C&I uses.

2019 in review: Customer insights for African mini-grid developers

Highlights into the advances in technology and business models that make mini-grids the least-cost route towards electrifying up to half a billion people.
Financing solar

The challenge: Financing utility-scale solar PV using bifacial technology

Bifacial solar technology results in an overall increase in energy generation of the asset, but also calls for unique financing writes UL.

Electric pressure cookers and microgrids can solve biomass cooking challenge

Six villages in Tanzania participate in an important research project on the use of electric pressure cookers to overcome the challenges of biomass cooking.

HOMER Grid users can now design custom microgrid control strategies

HOMER Energy by UL gives users the ability to evaluate how changes in operation impact the cost of operating hybrid energy systems.
electric vehicle charging

HOMER Grid Software now models electric vehicle charging stations

A recent software update can now model how hybrid systems power electric vehicle charging stations and design RE and storage systems.

Simple, free HOMER app powers African health clinics

Watch this educational webinar led by HOMER Energy and see HOMER Energy by UL founder Dr Peter Lilienthal show off the new app to power health clinics.

Model preparing for increased electrical demands of health facilities

Powering Health is a web-based version of HOMER Energy by UL that is customised for modelling the energy requirements of rural health clinics and hospitals.

UL: Virtual tour of HOMER Pro and the latest in optimising...

Join HOMER Energy founders Peter Lilienthal and Marilyn Walker in a walk-through of HOMER Pro, the flagship microgrid optimisation software.

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