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Electric minibus taxis have powerful sunshine waiting in SA

​​It might be a while before we see electric minibus taxis on our roads, but when the time comes, we'll be able to tap into our abundant solar energy resources to power them.
electric motorcycle Ampersand

Another $9m in the bank for electric motorcycle start-up Ampersand

Ampersand secured funding from DFC to make strides at introducing electric motorcycles and innovative charging to the East African market.

Micro-mobility and ticketing took centre stage at Smarter Mobility Africa

Giving the green light to a single ticketing system for public transport was on everybody’s lips at the 2021 Smarter Mobility Africa event.
hydrogen shipping

Hydrogen to float shipping industry into clean energy future

Rapidly replacing fossil fuel with renewable fuels based on green hydrogen and advanced biofuels could enable an up to 80% CO2 emission cut by 2050, says IRENA.
Metal-organic frameworks for hdrogen powered car

Metal-organic frameworks improve hydrogen storage in cars, research

Researchers at the University of Crete and Toyota Motor Europe improved the hydrogen storage profile of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) as potential materials for use in hydrogen-powered cars.
Smarter Mobility Africa 2021

Highlight from Smarter Mobility Africa Digital Event – Day 2

Tune in for all of the 13 sessions at Smarter Mobility Africa to get up-to-date information from the experts on the trending topics.

All-electric aircraft by Rolls-Royce takes flight

In a step towards decarbonising transportation and in an effort to transition to net zero, Rolls-Royce completed the first flight of their all-electric ‘Spirit of Innovation’ aircraft.

New act to improve driver behaviour and safety on the road

Solutions that combine telematics and AI have become essential for fleet managers and drivers, helping them pre-empt risks, reduce costs, and improve driving behaviour.

New bicycle sharing scheme to reduce Kigali’s carbon emissions

The City of Kigali and green e-mobility public transport company GURARIDE unveiled a bicycle sharing scheme to reduce carbon emissions and the city's dependency on automobiles.
LNG vehicle fuel

Experimenting with LNG as alternative vehicle fuel

South African liquefied gas supplier DNG Energy and logistics company Imperial collaborate to test the feasibility of using LNG instead of diesel for long haul vehicles.