hydrogen fuel

Hamburg pioneers research project for the use of hydrogen in aviation

Bringing together the energy and mobility sectors, the world's third-largest aviation centre, Hamburg, is launching a new development platform to test the use of hydrogen for flying.
electric bus

South Africa launches their first electric bus in Cape Town

South African bus services company Golden Arrow Bus Services officially launched the first active electric bus in Cape Town extending its renewable energy journey that began in 2017.
gas demand

Global gas demand expected to rise by 3.6% in 2021

Natural gas demand growth set to slow in coming years, this is set to follow an expected strong 2021 rebound. Strong policy actions though are still needed to bring it on track for net-zero emissions. This is according to a new International Energy Agency (IEA) report.
Port Authority

Ports Authority announced as independent subsidiary of Transnet

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced the establishment of the Transnet National Ports Authority as an independent subsidiary of Transnet.
e-mobility sustainable mobility

Michelin on redefining maritime mobility and the racetrack

Mobility company Michelin recently debuted two innovations that address some of the major challenges impacting maritime and vehicle mobility.

Shipping industry firm Yara Marine joins IWSA to promote wind propulsion

The International Windship Assocation (IWSA) has welcomed innovators in the shipping industry, Yara Marine Technologies. IWSA together with Yara Marine plan to push the agenda of lowering carbon emissions in the shipping industry.
UAE electric vehicle

UAE targets reliable electric vehicle charging driven by customer demand

The UAE is at the forefront of innovation with 200 Tesla EVs introduced into the Dubai Taxi industry, which is a two-part strategy that will see hundreds of charging stations around the city.
clean transportation

Clean transportation needs smart grids

The number of electric vehicles in Africa has the potential to increase significantly by 2030. The challenge, however, is in charging infrastructure, powered by renewable grid-tied or off-grid solutions, keeping pace with market interest.
Port Authority

Durban Port sets out to reclaim best-performing title in Africa

Durban Port in South Africa is on course to reclaiming its status as the best-performing port in Africa, part of the country's reconstruction and recovery plan.
hydrogen fuel

IRENA thrusts green hydrogen as a cost-competitive climate solution

A combination of falling costs for solar and wind power, improved performance as well as economies of scale for electrolysers could make it possible for a green hydrogen future.

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