thermal power

thermal power

New decade: Will thermal drown in the wake of clean power?

During the early days of energy supply, thermal power ruled the generation technology mix. It was reliable, robust and cheap. But that dominance is ending.

Progress at three projects in Cameroon reduce power cuts

Power plant projects financed by the AfDB for $121.4 million in 2010-2011 are starting to provide Cameroon with reliable hydroelectric and thermal capacity.
smart water solutions

Rosatom presents smart water solutions for South Africa

Speaking at the technical hub at African Utility Week in Cape Town, Andrei Grinevich, head of international affairs of “Rusatom Smart Utilities” highlighted the...
energy costs

Solar process heat plant to save energy costs for Wits University...

The newly launched SOLTRAIN projects, a district heating plant is expected to save millions in energy costs for Wits University residences.

GE Steam Power: The power of ‘yes’

When it comes to GE Power responding to their customers’ most pressing questions, their answer is YES. Watch the video to find out more.

Thermal Energy Storage Market to exceed $55bn by 2024

Government-led initiatives toward increased renewable generation along with demand for uninterrupted power supply will bolster the thermal energy storage market, according to...
thermal power

Kenya abandons thermal power plants for wind energy

Energy Cabinet Secretary Charles Keter has stated that three thermal power plants with combined capacity of 190MW would no longer be needed.

Toshiba affirms position as power & energy industry leader

Toshiba Plant Systems & Services Corporation has continued to evolve and adapt its product offerings since its inception in 1938, maintaining its position as...
tidal energy

Ethiopia seeks consultancy services for Melka Sedi thermal power project

The Ethiopian Electric Power seeks to conduct consultancy services for Melka Sedi thermal power project to assess the technical, social, and economic viability of the utilisation of the Prosopis Juliflora biomass resource in Afar National Regional State to generate 137.5MW.

Guinea: Tè Power Plant achieves financial close

On Tuesday, Tè Power Company S.A.S.U. (TPC) announced that it has reached financial close and commenced construction of the $121 million Tè Power Plant...

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