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Eskom: Impact of illegal connections leads to load reduction

Eskom is embarking on a strong communications drive to educate the public about illegal connections, the load reduction drive and other issues impacting the national power grid.

Eskom: Special operation recovers stolen assets

South African state-owned power utility, Eskom, in a joint operation with the Public Order Police (POP) and the South African Police Service (SAPS), have recovered two stolen transformers which were illegally installed.

Kenya Power investigates vandalism of a high-voltage underground cable

The power supply in parts of Nairobi was interrupted on Monday after a section of high-voltage underground cables were vandalised over the weekend.

Kenya Power: employee charged for fraudulent consumption of electricity

Kenya Power’s fight to curb illegal connections, theft of electricity and fraud intensified as a member of staff was arraigned on Wednesday 11 March in a Nairobi court to answer to charges of fraud.
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Kenya Power intensifies ploys on illegal power connections

Kenya Power has rolled out a countrywide campaign to weed out illegal power connections and curb theft of electricity, starting out in Nairobi.

Eskom teams up with police to restore electricity supply in Gauteng

The Gauteng Provincial Government will work with Eskom to deal with the problems of ongoing disruptions in the supply of electricity in the province.
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Perspective on non-technical losses from Enel Foundation

The distribution of electricity implies a certain amount of loss of power that could be classified into technical and non-technical losses (NTL), with the latter form usually associated with illegal connections or frauds resulting in absence of consumption drops....
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Eskom clamps down on criminal activity

Eskom has focused efforts on the removal of illegal connections, conducting meter audits, repairing faulty or tampered meters and, of critical importance, curbing the illegal selling of prepaid electricity vouchers, or ghost vending as...

Transformer vandals to serve 18 years

On Friday, two suspects found guilty of vandalising assets belonging to Kenya's state-owned power utility Kenya Power were sentenced to a combined 18 years in prison. Notorious for their crimes, Wesley Rotich and James Ngondoli...

Kenya Power: vandal receives 10-year prison sentence

In Kenya, a Nanyuki court has sentenced a suspect to 10 years in prison or a fine of KShs.5 million for vandalism.